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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Khorla Besi to Jagat

Another update from group 3, sorry about that but we have control of the iPad and there is nothing you can do about it.

Today after our morning ritual of bed tea, pulse oximetry, washing water, weighing in, panicked packing, three course breakfast and second weigh in we walked straight out of our quiet campsite slap bang into the middle of the Manaslu Rush hour.

We carefully picked our way between mule trains, chicken carriers, dead sheep carriers, porters carrying their body weight, local women carrying their body weight and a child on top and six year olds walking two hours to school. On their own. Along a narrow rocky path with a 100m drop to the side of them. Rather put us to shame with our walking poles and delicate day sacks.

Our route today continued along the great white rushing river crossing it twice on rocky suspension bridges ( rocky both in their movement and also in the material used to mend them ) to Jagat, the official start of the Manaslu conservation area.

All 5 groups are now on their way with group 5 arriving in Arughat today. A few more members are going to join us from Kathmandu at their own more speedy pace.

Finally just in case you think we are basking in sunny campsites with our feet up being waited on hand and foot I would like to emphasis that it is raining. A lot. ( not that we have to put up our own tents of course).

Until tomorrow then, ta ta.


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