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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jagat to Pewa

Last night after drumming and raining
Our lovely mud field was draining
The sun shone down as we started
So no one was feeling down hearted

All groups are now well on their way
Getting closer and closer each day
Still walking on narrow dirt tracks
Past mules with packs on their backs

If you want to know where we're at
Group 4 have arrived in Jagat
If you want to know where group 3 are
Then they are safely in Pewa

Group 1 are blazing ahead,
In Lihi they've made today's bed
Machha Kola plays host to group five
Into Ghap group 2 arrive

We hope you enjoy this ditty
And do not think it's a pity
For us to waste your time
With this quite fatuous rhyme

Laura and Saskia ( copyright)


  1. Awesome rhyming, ladies! More please!

  2. Best greetings from Crolles to all of you, specially to Francois.