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Monday, March 30, 2015

Lampu Besi to Khorla Besi

There are now four groups on the Manaslu trail with Group 4 surviving after their first camp, first day of trekking, and the first 24hours of superbly cooked food by the busy kitchen staff.

Group 2 have rallied together and progressed to their next camp at Jagar.

All groups have been in contact with one another via sat phone or mobile, but not quite with the radio. That means that the wonderful messages that have come in clearly by Iridium haven't all been yet dispersed. Let's hope we all make contact tonight! Thanks to everyone that has sent them in, they are a real morale boost. And so far the winner goes to Saskia's family! Keep them coming.

Group 3 have succumbed to sweating buckets as they trotted on up the valley pass. Again dodging the numerous mules and their droppings which have become the standard odour of Nepal so far. A few members have visited the toilet a few too many times, hopefully our stomachs will acclimatise soon. Another beautiful view from another campsite this afternoon. Neil has even had a chance of an afternoon nap without any umbrellas or other commodities to repair. A handful of Group 3 members paddled in the cooling river whilst one mad one jumped right in...guess who?!

Hi to everyone, Han

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  1. My sister Manisha Beri and her friends Sharmila Joshi, Hrushikesh Sabnis & Yogesh Kulkarni from Mumbai, India are in Nepal. Although they are 4 of them and another 4 Russian and 5 sherpas in Khorlabesi, Lapubesi, Dobhan region. Roads to kathmandu hv washed out. They were trekking towards Mansalu and had left a town called Khorla Besi coordinates are 28°15'15.0"N 84°52'59.0"E. Last we heard was Sat, 25 April around 5pm IST, that they were okay but stranded away from the village. The Indian Embassy has been informed. We ask you to please share this status and spread the word, in hope that it reaches someone who may have more information on them. Would anyone have any connections in this areas ? please help.