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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pewa to Gap

The day of the Royal Progress: Before leaving the UK Denise had been tasked by Doug Scott, her new boss, with visiting several of the CAN (Community Action Nepal) health posts in the area. The first of these was in Bihi, near today's planned lunch stop. Just before lunch therefore Denise (henceforth to be referred to as Doug Scott's representative on earth) and her acolytes, Hannah, Mike and Geraldine - with Tsering their doughty guide/interpreter/minder - left the main group to climb to the village. Sadly, because of the change in our schedule, we were a day late and were mortified to hear that the huge gathering assembled to greet us the previous day had been forced to disperse! So we missed the planned singing ,dancing and carousing. However what the remainder of the reception group lacked in size they amply made up for in enthusiasm!

The Chair of the Village Mother's group (AKA she who must be obeyed - SWMBO) treated us to a tour of her home and a demo of butter making after which tea was served. There followed a visit to the site of the new Health post (a series of ditches - allegedly due to be completed in one month??!?). Denise as befitting her status posed with the master carpenters for action photographs.

We then returned chez SWMBO for a further photo shoot and a splendid repast of potatoes with a fierce pepper sauce. We managed with some difficulty to decline the invitation to also visit the Prok health post (some 3 hours that one for next time I think.......) and made our sentimental farewells.
We then headed back for the main trail guided by SWMBO and some hours later arrived for a rather late tea with the rest of the Gp 3 team in Gap. A fascinating day.

Today's blog was by Geraldine in group 3

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