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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Soti Khola to Lampu Bessi

How quickly things can change. Our lazy afternoon ended with a massive thunderstorm and high winds. The Sherpa staff worked so hard to keep the tents safe in the howling winds and torrential rain. Then we received the terrible news that a member of group 2 had slipped in the storm and fallen some distance down the valley side, sustaining a nasty head injury. Group 2 Sherpa staff and Medex members were able to stretcher her to the village medical centre and 5 Medex doctors cared for her. Thanks to modern technology her husband was informed and has been kept updated on her recovery. After many phone calls she was successfully evacuated to a Kathmandu hospital first thing this morning and is well on the road to recovery.

Group 1 are making good progress and have continued their trek from Jagat to Pewa. Group 2 have chosen to have a rest day in Machha Khola to recover from the nights events. Group 3 have continued up the gorge in beautiful weather, following a path which hugs the hillside, with climbs up and down into several side valleys. the views have been wonderful, with the river raging below, steep terraced fields and increasingly remote villages. We managed to avoid the long trains of pack mules descending the track and the naughty monkeys knocking stones onto passers by. Our campsite tonight is beside a very 'modern' tea house / hotel with 'Western toilet' and shower! And to our surprise, the baggage we saw leaving on porters backs arrived in camp on a brightly decorated, bell ringing mule train.


  1. Friendly thoughts from Crolles (France) where it's deeply raining !!
    my thoughts are particularly going to the French group ('2 ...??), and more particularly to Fran├žois.
    (hope this post is sent only once, I had some slight problems..).
    Courage to everybody for the second part of the trek.

  2. Extending many thanks on behalf of the Bone family in Canada for the wonderful care taken with Heather after her fall. We are receiving daily updates (thank you Dr. Sarah) and want to wish the team all the best for the rest of the trek!