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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blog from group 1

Hello wider world. This is Ronnie from Group 1, you're Medex 2015 roving reporter for today, Wed 8th April. First of all to important stuff, everyone across all 5 groups, including any 'hangers on' are safe and well. Several members have gastro problems and a couple have colds n coughs but nothing more than might be expected from a cold climate and a developing country like Nepal. In some cases, luxury toilet paper is developing the value of currency!

So, to the interesting stuff......the weather has been particularly bad with snow every day and it has delayed the arrival of our equipment and materials at base camp on The Larkye La. Our Sirdar has been as far as the site of base camp and has reported waist deep snow. Other locals confirm the snow levels as the worst in over a decade. Base camp should have been established 2 days ago but it looks like a further 2 days from now for this to be realised, weather permitting! The consequence is a log jam of Medex groups at the tiny snow bound 'metropolis' of Samdo.

Group 1 have been here for 5 days and are developing a 'hang dog' look about them. There are only so many walks one can do but the compensation is the undoubted stunning mountain scenery all around. However lethargy or laziness are common with the slightest distraction proving to be an interesting diversion to reading books. e.g. building a snow wall around Sam's tent, lots of futtering with clothing gear or equipment and even the comings n goings of a nearby marmot family proving as interesting as a few episodes of Eastenders.

Group 2 arrived in Samdo 3 days ago and are well acquainted with their sleeping bags apparently concentrating on domestic chores and contact with the outside world. Led by the indomitable Captain Slow, Group 3 arrived yesterday and made the bold step to camp avoiding the 'standing up' luxury of a tea house room. All seemed in good spirits and whilst some went for a local stroll others were quick today to discover the true
meaning of rest day. Group 4 are having a rest day at Samagaun with Group 5 joining them later today.

The hope and intention is for group 1 to lead off to Darmasalah tomorrow hopefully reaching base camp the day after on the 10th thus allowing space for group 4 to come up. Time will tell whether the weather will allow our plan to be followed after this. This vanguard group are keen to get going but safety of all remains the priority.

Excitement over the past few days include, a massive Avalanche witnessed by groups 1&2 across from Samdo village, Tom from group 1 becoming a father for the 3rd time on 7th April. Welcome Robinson Samdo Rupp to the world! The arrival of the family Pollard to Samdo earlier today reuniting themselves with eldest son big Jim and thus restocking Jim's financial and chocolate banks, a phone call with Heather and Sarah in Katmandhu with both in good spirits, eventual radio contact with group 5 and finally the discovery of some long lost muesli bars at the bottom of my rucksack,(you can tell I've been here too long!).

So, that's it for now from Medex 2015. On behalf of all members across all groups I wish you all safe and happy travels, especially those who may have skied in Verbier this year

Yours Aye,
Ronnie Robb, group 1

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  1. Enjoy those muesli bars Ronnie ! We head off to the airport in half an hour. Best of luck to everyone and I'll keep the beers cool chez nous.


    Stuart & Anna