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Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello from group 4!

Picture shows Chris and Neil at the summit of the pass 5160m in poor weather conditions.

This trek has been beset by bad weather most of the time with the locals on the trail saying this has been the worst for 12 years. Consequently Group 4 spent extra rest days on the way to Base Camp to give the earlier groups time to set all the research up!

We finally made it to Base Camp on Tuesday 14th April with the whole group in good spirits after a hard walk in heavy snow. There was a wonderful welcome from the gang already there.

We spent the next day and a half participating in the research and it has been a great achievement to get everyone to Basecamp and to complete all the tests. On Thursday we helped pack up all the research equipment and fortunately we had glorious weather which was a bonus! The mountain views in clear weather were stunning.

On Friday morning, the 17th, we woke to poor weather and left Basecamp in a complete whiteout. It was an arduous trek over the Larkya pass and down to Bimthang in icy conditions. Thankfully everyone has made it safely down and we are now drying out with another three trekking days down the valley to the roadhead.

Group 4

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