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Friday, April 3, 2015

Daily Research

Thanks to enthusiastic Trekkers research is going very smoothly.

Each day the research starts with Trekkers greeted with bed tea and a pulse oximeter(a device that tells heart rate and how much oxygen that is still running around your body).

Then its completion of the daily diary of how your feeling? Do you have a cold? Are you suffering with altitude sickness? and most importantly how many poos have you had in the last 24 hours?

After brekkie it's time for being weighed. Each trekker keen to see if they've lost weight yet. And also to learn if they are carrying more or less than yesterday - Every kilo counts with all the hills!

Thanks to all the Nepali staff and all other Medex members for helping the research tick along so well. We're are now looking forward to completing the high altitude research at basecamp.

Thank you to family for all the well wishes received. Wishing you a happy Easter.



  1. Thanks for all these updates! Audrey's family is all behing you through your ascension! Keep everyone SAFE! Enjoy the ride! Hello to my sister Audrey-Group 5!

  2. Hi to Arlena, lequipe de chic! James here rooting for everyone.
    Missing you sweety😁