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Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Three members of the Expedition are now in Nepal getting everything ready for the rest of us. Denzil Broadhurst, David Wyatt and Andy Taylor will be sourcing some supplies locally and making sure that the various items of Expedition gear head off in the right direction at the right time.

Thanks to everyone who sent us scans of their passports at short notice. Furba was able to use these to extract our freight from Customs and all 670kg of equipment are now safely lodged in his compound.

We have now had our satellite phone number issued so that the outside world can contact us if they wish. This can be done free of charge by sending an Iridium web message from the Iridium website. Each message can be up to 160 characters. If friends and family of members wish to contact anyone then we will be happy to receive these messages on a daily basis and pass them onto the intended recipient.

To do this go to:
type in our Iridium Number which is 881631631474
type in a message of up to 160 characters
Hit send.

If the IT works we will be posting back to this blog via the satellite phone.

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